Past Assignments:
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Spring Semester 2014

P/E Ratio Quiz

Stock Market Investment Project 1
In this portfolio you should have
1) Have at least 3 stocks from Fortune 500 List -30 Points (10 Points for each stock)
2) Have at least 3 stocks from Investor Business Daily top 50 stocks list 30 Points ( 10 Points for each stock)
3) Diversification: All the stocks should be diversified into at least 4 different industry 40 Points (10 points for each industry)
4) If the trade is not executed, 10 points will be subtracted.

SCRATCH Final Project Quiz -Fall Semester
1. Students will learn how to use the features of variable to create a quiz.

Math Quiz Project
1. Use Asking feature to allow users to enter their answer.
2. Create 10 questions.
3. Use the logical operation "If-then-else"
4. Create a variable named "Score
5. If the answer is correct, the score will increase by 10, otherwise the score stays the same.
6. Create two sprites: Sprite 1 starts a (-220, 0), Sprite2 stays at (220, 0).
7. When the answers is correct, Sprite 1 moves 20 steps.
8. When Sprite 1 reaches Sprite 2, Sprite 2 says " You win!".
9. Show "Game Over"

Most Recent Project:
Creative Story Writing Project Part II
1. Add dialogues for each character - 30 points
2. Use the control script to show and hide characters -10 points
3. Switch background based on the plot of the story -30 points
4. Add sound features -15 points
5. Create an "The End" background. -15 points

Continue Creative Writing Story Writing Project-Part I
Project Grading Guideline:
1. Create at least three different backgrounds-30 points.
(10 points for each background)
2. Create at least three characters. Each character must have at least three costumes. -30 points. (10 points for each background)
3. Use the correct script to create animation for each character. - 30 points ( 10 points for each script)
4. Use the correct script to hide and show the characters at the proper time. - 10 points

Resources: Scripts for creating animations are:
Next Costume, Wait, Move Steps, and Repeat Control

For those who already signed in with the Class Wiki, start the Scratch Project Story telling. Using the drawing board to draw the first background of your story.

Calculate the gain or loss for each stock.

If the stock has not been sold,
Change in price = Purchase Price - Current Price

If the stock has been sold,
Change in price = Purchase Price - Price Sold

Percentage change = (Change in price ) / (Purchase price) X 100%

Create a Google Spreadsheet to calculate the percentage change in price.

Halloween Project ( 10 points for each step)

1. Create characters (at least 4)

2. Make them animated (move, glide, turn, bounce)

3. Change the sizes of the sprites.

4. Show and hide different sprites at different time.

5. Add image effects for each sprite.

6. Add at least 4 backgrounds and change the backgrounds based on the logic of the project

7. Have one or more sprites move randomly

8. Add sounds and drum sound

9. Add speaking words

10. Have a beginning and ending background. The ending background must be your own created work, not an image from Google.

Quiz Review

Direction: Create an animated arrow that moves according to the direction. Complete the quiz quietly.

Grading Guideline (10 points for each step):

1. Create an arrow from the library.

2. Set the x-y grid as the background.

2. Position the arrow to x=150, y=100

3. Arrow points to 0 degree, wait for 0.5 second, then points to 90 degree.

4. Wait for another 0.5 second, points to 180, then 270 degree, then 360 degree, with 0.5 second interval.

5. Let the arrow glide to 1 second to position x=200, y=150, then to x=-200, y= 150 after 1 second

6. Make the arrow follow the mouse pointer.

7. Repeat the action 5times

8. Add image effects

Google Presentation: (10 points for each slide)
Make sure the grammar, punctuation and capitalization are correct.You will lose one point for each mistake. Include images for the slides.
1. What is a stock?
2.Stock is a ownership of a company.
3.Why do companies issue stock?
4. What is dividend?
5. Why do people buy stocks?
6. What is shares outstanding?
Research the number of outstanding shares of these companies:
Facebook (FB)
Apple (APPL)
Google (GOOG)
McDonald (MCD)
7 In order to buy and trade stock, investors must enter the ticker symbol--a one to five letter abbreviation used to identify a security.
8.. Where are stocks traded?
9. Terms on stock chart:
Last Trade
Open (Today)
Close (Previous)
10. What is IPO?

Homework: Complete the Emperors of Rome Project-Due Friday Oct 11th.

1) Learn to create a digital story telling SCRATCH project using synchronized features.
2) Learn about the history and emperors of ancient Rome.

  • Emperors of Rome Project Assignment Check List:
  • Emperors of Rome Grading Guideline:
    1. Have complete information -20 points
    2. Have enough backgrounds- 20 points
    3. Backgrounds are synchronized based on your story--20 points
    4. Have an animated title -10 points
    4. Have correct punctuation and grammar-10 points
    5. Have a beginning and ending background -10 points
    6. Have an animated character who can move around -10 points.

Based on the information provided below, create a character Sprite to tell the stories of the emperors. Search the image for each emperor and add the images in the story.

Julius Caesar was the most famous Rome citizen.

He was a Roman politician and general who, without having any orders to do so, conquered the vast territory of the Gauls to the north of his province in France.
In the year 49 BC Caesar crossed the small river between his province and Italy, called the river Rubicon, and conquered Rome itself which he then ruled as a dictator.
After Caesar followed the many emperors of Rome - and there were truly very many of them.
So, here are some of the most famous ones.
Rome's first emperor. He also added many territories to the empire.
He conquered Britain.
He was insane. He murdered his mother and his wife and threw thousands of Christians to the lions.
Before he was emperor he destroyed the great Jewish temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.
He was a great conqueror. Under his rule the empire reached its greatest extent.
He built 'Hadrian's Wall' in the north of Britain to shield the province from the northern barbarians.
He split the empire into two pieces - a western and an eastern empire.
He was the first Christian emperor. He united the empire again chose his capital to be the small town Byzantium, which he renamed Constantinople.
Romulus Augustus
He was the last emperor of Rome, nicknamed Augustulus which means 'little Augustus'.
He was the last 'great' emperor. He conquered many territories, created the 'Justinian Code' and built the fantastic church Santa Sophia.
Constantine XI
The last emperor of Constantinople. He died defending his great city against the Turks.

Project: About Me
Create a story telling project about you. The story should include the following information:
1. Your name
2. Your family
3. Your favorite places to go and why
4. Your best friend
5. Your favorite book
6. Your favorite food
7. Your favorite activities
8. Your dream future

Grading Guideline:
1. Have complete information -20 points
2. Have enough backgrounds- 20 points
3. Backgrounds are synchronized based on your story--20 points
4. Have an animated title -10 points
4. Have correct punctuation and grammar-10 points
5. Have a beginning and ending background -10 points
6. Have an animated character who can move around -10 points.

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