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Objectives of Business and Technology Courses

To educate our students about the fundamentals of economics and finance so they will be empowered with economic and financial literacy.

To equip our students with technology literacy and enable them to apply their technical skills in various learning projects.

To support student achievement through integrating business and technology knowledge and skills across the curriculum with collaboration with other teachers in different content areas.

Curriculum & Learning Projects

Grade Level
Business Courses
Technology Courses
6th Grade
Financial Literacy on Personal Finance
Google Apps (Docs, Spread Sheet)
Online Presentation Tool: Google Presentation
ePortfolio: WikiSpaces & Weebly
7th Grade
Financial Investment
(Learning, Earning and Investing @ National
Council on Economic Education)
Project: Stock Market Game and Investment Competition
Introduction to computer programming:MIT SCRATCH
Projects: Animation, Games, Visual Arts and Music
8th Grade
Entrepreneurship: Owing Your Future
@ Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship
Project: Create a Business Plan
Project: Wholesale project
Website Building
ePortfolio: Google Sites & Weebly.com

Special Thanks to:
UCLA Center X TIIP Project for Sponsoring the Project-Based-Learning Projects & the Entrepreneurship Program


Kinecta Federal Credit Union for Providing the Financial Literarcy Curriculum

The Success Foundation for Providing the Motivational Reading Curriculum-Success for Teens.


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