Computer Lab Rules
Respect the Equipment
  • Come to class with clean hands.

  • Make sure your seat is clean and chair is pushed in before leaving the room.

  • Save files in your personal folder, not on the desktop.

  • No food or drinks in the lab.

  • DO NOT download your own pictures as desktop photo.

  • Do NOT touch the computer screen.

  • DO NOT remove or unplug equipments from this room.

  • DO NOT leave pen or pencil marks anywhere in the lab.

  • Intentionally damaging any hardware or software will be cited for school property abuse.
  • Do not remove the headsets from the computers that have the same matching number.
  • Headsets can only be used with permissions from the teacher.
  • Listening to music or playing computer games during instructional time is prohibited.

Respect Other People’s Work
  • DO NOT change or delete other people’s file in the computer.

  • Only use free license images related to school projects and approved by the teacher.

  • Using words, ideas, or data of another person as your own is considered plagiarism.

Stay on the tasks only related to school projects.