Past Assignment:

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5-week Report Card Check List
1) Business Name, Logo and Slogan
2) Identify Unmet Needs or Problem and Explain how your business will meet the need or solve the problem
3) Identify the industry information and the trend (
4) What is your competitive advantage
5) Financial Analysis Google Presentation

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Course Name: Spring 2014 8th Entrepreneurship P5

Class Code: 8V3FN-22CS3

Past Assignments:
1) Complete the market customer survey using Google Form.
2) Embed your survey in your business website. ( Add a new page with the name.)
3) Complete a Competitive Advantage analysis for your business:
Competitive Advantage Analysis. Identify what is your business' competitive advantage.
Unique Features
“Competition”: Rival businesses with whom you are competing for the dollars your target market spends.
Competitive Advantage”: Something that puts your business ahead of the competition.
Features”: What a product does and how it appears to the senses (sight, sound, taste,
smell, and touch).
Benefits”: Reasons customers choose to buy a product.
"SWOT Analysis": Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats

Each slide will represent different market.
Create template for the information
The information needed for each slide:
Industry Name:
Annual Industry Sales:
Description of Target Consumer: Demographics, Geographics, Psychographics, Buying Patterns
Target Market Size:
Total Population:
Target Market Population
Market Size


Free Online Logo Making Sites:

Slogan Generator Site:
Major business from class business plan:
  • Party decorating
  • Baby Sitting Day Care
  • Pet Sitting
  • Custom Mug & Cups
  • Custom Sports Accessories
  • Web Design Service
  • Photography
  • Bakery

Other business ideas to consider:

  • Arts & Craft: Custom Designed Greeting Card, Accessories
  • Food Products: Baked Goods, Chocolate covered snacks
  • Business or Home Services: Gardening, Lawn Care

  • Childcare: Babysitting with Enrichment
    Event Services: Musician, Photographer, Videographer, decoration
    Educational Service: Tutor (Math, English, Science, etc), Computer Literacy
    Pet Care: Aquarium Maintenance, Dog Walking/Dog Clean Up
Wholesale Project Grading Guideline:
1. Turn in signed parental media consent form.
2. Turn in signed parental notification regarding the $25 loan.
3. Submit the wholesale profit analysis.
4. Complete the event promotional flyer.
5. Keep a good record the money from your sales.
6. Return the $25 or the amount you used to purchase the merchandise.
7. Complete the feedback form.

Class Resources:
Period 5 Business Class Schoology Access Code: RK3C4-2SX7M
Period 2 Schoology Class Code: ZRZ8V-7KSBN

For those students how have not completed the Unit 1 assessment, please click on the following link and finish assessment, It counts 30% of your final grade.<

Shopping Presentation:

Information for the flyer:
* First JNLA Shopping Fair
* Dates: Tuesday - Thursday, November 19 - 21
* Time & Location
Lunch time from 11:45 a.m - 12:05 p.m. at the lunch area

After school from 3:00 p.m. - 4: 00 p.m. at the plaza
* Come and shop for the fun stuffs!
* Support our young entrepreneurs!
Add a few images of the stuffs we will be selling. Please see the Shopping List below for the products.
We will choose the top flyers for this promotion event.

Complete the Business Plan Presentation Slide 1-5
If you already come up with the business name, you can add it to the title.

Each slide worth 20 points, please use the guideline from the template.
Slide 1: Name of Business
Slide 2: Problem / Unmet Need
Slide 3: Solution
Slide 4: Mission & Social Impact
Slide 5: Description of Product / Service

Rules for the shopping fair.

1. Keep your merchandise safe before or after the shopping fair.

Left over merchandise will be labeled with your name and stored in a box after lunch.

2. Only use your assigned table.

3. Only sell your stuff on your assigned dates.

4. Only sell the merchandise allowed in school.

5.Report to the designated selling area on time.

6. Keep the money from the sales in the school envelop.

7. The loan needs to be returned after your the shopping fair.

Special note: You can only sell your merchandize during your assigned time. This is a class project. Selling your own stuff outside this project is prohibited.

V. Google Presentation:
Business Ethics
Silent Read P113, P 115-119, P124
Create a Google Presentation with the following information:
1. What is ethics? P105
2. What is business ethics?
3. Three practical reasons why people should practice business ethics.
4. What is the Code of Ethics? Why is it important?
5. What is intellectual property such as copyright, patent, and trademark?
6. What is infringement?
7. What is confidentiality?
8. Go to Click on the tab about design patents. Add three things you learn from this article to your powerpoint.
9. What is conflict of interest? ( P113)
10. What is corporate responsibility? (P115-119)
11. What is ethical sourcing?

VI. Google Presentation with the Topic Types of Business
Please include the following:
Title Page: Types of Buinesses
4 different slides: one for each type of business (add the images for each type of business and related companies.)
Special type of business: franchise
What is NAICS?
Please include proper images.

V. Complete "Brainstorm Business Ideas" Presentation
Brainstorm opportunities and business ideas:
Starting point: list your interest, hobbies, your favorite stuffs
Add two or more slides with the following topics:
Is there any thing you dislike about the products you are using?
What needs to be done to improve?

Compose a list of business ideas based on the problems you noticed. Write the ideas in the Google Presentation "Brainstorming Business Idea".

Login to Gmail, go to Drive, Create, Presentation.

IV. Create a Google Presentation about the following topic:

Title: Entrepreneurship

Who is an entrepreneur? (P5) Google search a few successful entrepreneurs and add the information to your slide.

What is entrepreneurship? (P10)

What is economics? (P27)

What are the two different types of economic system? (Find two countries that have market economy, and one country has command economy.) (P28)

What are the other two names for the market economy? (P30)

This is a presentation project. Once the project completed, you will embed this presentation to your Wikispaces page to receive the grade.

III. Create a Cost-Profit Analysis for the product you choose

for your Wholesale project

Login your Google Account, Google Drive, Create a


Email the spreadsheet to:

Please place the text book on the bookshelf orderly when you exit the class.

II. Based on the lesson (textbook P13-18), answer the following question in Schoology:

Part 1:
Lesson 2: Characteristics of an Entrepreneur
1. What are common traits of American business owners?
2. What is the difference between an aptitude and an attitude?
3. What are some of the personal characteristics that an entrepreneur needs to possess?
4. List six areas on which a person should focus to build his or her entrepreneurial potential

I. Wholesale Project

Part 1:
Finalize the product to purchase
Choose the products to sell:
Suggested shopping site:

Part 2: Estimate the profit**

Products you are interested in buying
Cost per box:
Units in the box:
Cost per unit:
Estimated selling price:
Estimated profit per unit:
Estimated profit per box: