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Stock Market Games Website Project:
1. Home Page
2. What's a company stock (Google PPT)
3. Sub page-Facts about stocks (Google PPT)
Sub Page- About Earnings (Google PPT)
Sub Page- Year 2013 Fortune 500 (Google PPT)
Sub-Page What is S & P? (Google PPT)
4. What is mutual funds? (Google PPT)
5. My Investment Portfolio (Google Spreadsheet & Image of the graph)
8. Invest Write Project:
SubPage: Invest Write Google Presentation
Sub Page: InvestWrite Essay (Google Doc)

Learning Games Site:

Today's Lesson:
Create a google Presentation about you InvestWrite Writing Project. Include the following slides:
1) Front Cover Page
2) The info about the company you wrote about
3) The info about its competitor
4) Comparing chart or table of both companies' financial info: market cap, 2013 revenue, EPS, P/E
5) Analyst's estimated revenue and EPS growth in 5 years.
6) Concluding page: which company is a better long investment

Past Assignment:

Learning Objectives:
May 2: Students will learn to create a Google Spreadsheet to show the companies in their portfolio and their stock performance during the stock marking trading period.

April 7 - May 1: Writing Topic: The stock market and the bond market are a part of the capital markets. They help companies and government agencies provide people like you and me with new or better products and services. Pick an investment from your portfolio and describe the product, service, or project it provides.
If you selected a stock, compare it to one of its competitors. How are they similar? How are they different? Which is a better long term investment? Why?

InvestWrite Winners 2013

Ms. Snyder's example:
Invest Write:
Think Map:

Resources for writing the concluding paragraph:
* (go to company page), analysis estimate for next year's estimated revenue
*, (go to company page), chart, max

1. Read the Winner Essay 2013 and fill out the answers.
2. Students will use the data from the thinking map to write about the result of the comparison of these two companies and the industry average.

InvestWrite Project Check List:
1. Have the correct reference format-10 Points
(One reference for each data: Company Industry & Sector, Competitor Information)
2. First paragraph describing the company in your portfolio with personal story how do you know about this company- 20 Points
3. Second paragraph describing the competitor's product and service-20 Points
4. Comparison of Market Cap, Revenue, EPS, P/E, 5 year expected growth rate.-20 Points
5. Complete the circle map with the data comparing the two companies and industry information.-10 Points
6. Write a concluding paragraph why do you think this stock is a better long term investment.-20 Points

Go to or, search the description of this company, then select one competitor.

Please confirm your essay meets all of the guidelines before you submit it. Failure to meet the guidelines could result in disqualification.
Each student may submit only one entry with a maximum of 850 words and a minimum of 400 words.
If a title is chosen it must appear at the top of the first page of the text.
The student author’s name CANNOT appear in the essay or title. Identification of the
student or teacher in the essay will result in disqualification.
If references are cited, include them at the end of the essay text.
References must be formatted without footnotes. At the end of the essay simply list each
source as: (Author. “Title”. Date. URL).
Only the body of the essay will be included in the word count. The title and references will
not count in the word limit.
Essays in PDF format cannot be accepted. All essays need to be in a format that can
be cut and pasted to the InvestWrite website.
All essays must be submitted in plain text; no charts, graphs or symbols will be accepted.

1. Use keyword search "Best Mutual Funds 2014" to find a list of mutual funds.
2. Search the 2 more best mutual funds to invest. Add the list to your Mutual Funds Google Presentation. Include the information about its performance and top holdings.
3. Add the information to your Mutual Funds presentation slide 21 & 22.
Grading Guideline:
1) Title of the Mutual Funds - 10 points
2) Ticker Symbol -10 points
3) 5-year return rate - 10 points
4) Price as of March 12, 2014 -10 points
5) Top 5 holdings with percentage - 50 points

Getting Ready:
1. Login to Google Drive, Open Google Doc Stock Market Games Vocabulary
2. Go to, search "Janus Global Technology Fund",

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