20 Week Report Card Work Habit & Cooperation Criteria:

Breaking the classroom twice (after first warning) = detention
Talking back = detention
detentions = U

Today's Lesson:

8th Grade Learning Games Site:



Biome Website Example:

Science Biome Weebly Website Portfolio Project:

Complete the following pages.

1. Home Page -20 Points
  • Title: Biome Project -5 Points
  • Welcome Message - 5 Points
  • Picture or Slide Show -10 Points

2. Climate & Location Page - 20 Points
  • World Map of the Biome - 10 Points
  • Annual Temperature Title & Picture - 5 Points
  • Annual Precipitation Title & Picture - 5 Points

3. Animal Page -20 Points
Choose 5 animals from this biome (4 Points Each)
For each animal include at least one picture and the following info:
  • Species
  • Habitat
  • Food
  • Behaviors

4. Plant Page -20 Points
Choose 5 plants from this biome (4 Points Each)
For each plant include at least one picture and the following info:
  • Species
  • Genus
  • Adaptation for survival

5. Bibliography - 20 Points
Correct bibliography format using www.easybib.com

Use the handout Biome Website Project for the details.

Past Assignments:

Students will learn to use SCRATCH to create characters.

Continue Creative Writing Story Writing Project-Part I

Project Grading Guideline:

1. Create at least three different backgrounds from drawing canvas.-30 points

(10 points for each background)

2. Create at least three characters. Each character must have at least three costumes. Two characters must be from your own drawing. -30 points. (10 points for each background)

3. Use the correct script to create animation for each character. - 30 points ( 10 points for each script)

4. Use the correct script to hide and show the characters at the proper time. - 10 points

Past Assignment

1. Students will learn links to different sources.

2. Students will learn to use the <embed> feature to add the content to the website.

Website Project Checklist

1. Create a Home page introducing the project or topic: Include at least an image and a short paragraph explaining why do you choose this topic.

2. At this home page, add some buttons that are linked to different pages in your website.

3. Create at least 3 different pages related to the topic.

4. Create a picture slide show a page.

5. Add links to different websites, documents, or pages to the same website.

If you have any documents in your Google Drive that need to be linked to your website, follow the directions below:

  • Use Publish to the Web under the File Tab in Google File
  • Copy and Paste the link of the file at bitly.com
  • Copy and Paste the shortened link from bitly.com to the button

Science Fair Project
1. Create a Google Document Title "Science Fair Project" (10 Points)
2. Create bibliography using Easybib.com and copy and paste the bibliography into the Science Fair Google Document (30 Points-10 points for each citation)
3. Type your research paper in this Science Fair Google Document - 20 Points (Following the guideline from the science teacher)
4. Create a question and hypothesis -10 Points
5. Create a table for the research data analysis using Google Spreadsheet-20 Points
6. Compose the result in various forms: Graph, Chart or Document. -10 Points
7. Create a Google Presentation for this research project.

Presentation Grading Guideline:
a. Have a title page -10 points
b. Content pages must have bullet points- 20 points
c. Content pages must have appropriate images - 20 points
d. Have a bibliography page -10 points
e. Must have correct spelling -10 points
f. Must have correct capitalization and punctuation-10 points
g. Must have appropriate font size - 10 points
h. Must have transitions in slide presentation - 10 points

What is bibliography: a list of the books referred to in a scholarly work, usually printed as an appendix

How to write a bibliography:

Use the following information, create an Excel that calculates the sales tax and total sale price.

Sales Price
Tax Rate
Sales Tax
Total Price




1. Have the title Excel Quiz 1 (Font size 20)
2. Set the proper row height
3. Set the proper column width
4. Set the font size for the entire sheet to 16
5. Have total 20 lines Sales Price starting $18.75 increased by $0.50
for column A.
6. Set Column B as constant number of 8.75%
7. Set the format to calculate sales tax and let Excel calculate the amount. (Column C)
8. Use Excel to calculate to calculate Total Price (Column D)
9. Set the quotient format as number format with 3 digits
10. Set correct format for each column (Currency, Percentage)

Weebly Website
1. Students will sign up a Weebly Account using Gmail Login information.

2. Students will choose a subdomain name as their website address. (Special Note: When you choose your own subdomain name, create something that is unique.
Do not use your full name. )

3. Students will choose a Weebly template to create their own personal website.

4. Start create your own Website about you.

LAUSD Student Gmail Account Activation Site:

Go to the studentsso.lausd.net/studentsso
Enter your student ID ( starting with 6 digit of your birthday, followed by "M" or "F", and 3 digits)
birthday day (e.g.: Student ID 021401M038, birthday should be enter as "01/14/2001")
Emergency Contact Phone Number ( the number provided on the paper)

After you login, reset your own password.

Video Lesson: Introduction Tutorial to Weebly

1. Go to scratch.mit.edu, sign up an account.

2. The go to www.learnscratch.org, Video Courses, select Scratch

1 Lesson 8: Learn how to create animation

Please login to your Google Drive, have both Adjectives and Adverbs Google Presentation Ready for Grading.

Past Assignments:
Create a Google Presentation about ADVERBS using the information from the following sample presentation. Add proper images to some slides.
Please complete this assignment by the end of this class period. This assignment counts part of your final semester grade.

Lesson Objectives: Students will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the concept of adverbs.

Past Assignments:
Student will learn to create and Google Presentation about Parts of Speech.

Login in to Google
Create a 7 slide presentation using the information from the table below or the table you created in our Google Drive.

Getting Ready: Login www.prezi.com

Powerpoint Quiz

Create 3 slides in Google Presentation "Strong Verb"

Strong Verb: constructed
One slide for the definition (20 points) with picture ( 10 Points)
One slide for the synonyms (20 points) with circle map (10 Points)
One slide for a sentence with the word (20 Points)
Correct punctuation (10 Points)
Correct Spelling (10 Points)

1. Learn to circle map in powerpoint slide.
2. Learn to use online dictionary and thesaurus: www.m-w.com
2. Learn the meaning of 5 new strong verbs and make a sentence with the new word.

Strong Verb Powerpoint Project:
Create Powerpoint Slides About Strong Verbs

Introduction: Verb
Created by
What is a verb?
Verb is an action word.

Which word is a verb?
The cat ran to the house.

What are strong verbs?
Strong verbs are verbs that help your writing to be more colorful and dazzling.

Strong Verbs = Strong Voice

For each strong verb, include the definition, imaged and an example sentence.
Examples of strong verbs:
1. aimed:
2. anticipated
3. arranged
4. backpacked
5. backtracked

Check List
1. Have a title with Bold Letters
2. Center the title
3. Align the text to the left
4. Set title font size to 18, body text font size to 12
5. Set different font color for the title and the text (Choose your own color)
6. Double space between the lines
7. Underline the title
8. Italicize the name of the book
9. Capitalized the the proper nouns and the title.
10. Use spelling and grammar check.


Period 6 8th Grade Computer Class Schoology Access Code:

LAUSD Gmail Activation Website Address

May Do Activity: Explore Features of Microsoft Word
-View: Toolbar
-Personal Story Writing: My Week of School
  • Change Font Size 12
  • Double Space
  • Indent the Paragragh
  • Add Page Numbers
  • If you finish your work early, explore more features of the Microsoft Word. Make changes to your document with different colors, font, and insert some images that is related to your writing.


Access Code: BVSDV-THZM3

Access Code: BVSDV-THZM3

LAUSD Gmail Activation Website Address